Meet the Team!

Owners of the Company:

Bob Gray - Bob started into RGB pixel displays in 2018 and hasn't looked back since.  His own display, Lights on Edgewood, has been featured in several newspapers and TV interviews. Bob runs the sequencing part of the business, as well as works with the team on commercial displays.

 Mark Tarkowski - Mark has been running The Tarkowski Family Light Show for 12 years at his house in Antioch, IL.  He runs the 3d printing part of the business and helps with commercial installs.


Jason Trammel - Jason started with VLS in January of 2023.  He has been sequencing his own pixel show, as well as several commercial displays, for many years. The amount of detail and level of depth on his sequences goes hand in hand with the amount of years under his belt.  His work is an excellent complement to the VLS style of sequencing.