Meet the Team!

Bob Gray, Co-Founder, Lead Sequencer

Bob started into RGB pixel displays in 2018 and hasn't looked back since.  His own display, Lights on Edgewood, has been featured in several newspapers and TV interviews. Bob runs the sequencing part of the business, as well as works with the team on commercial displays.


 Mark Tarkowski, Co-Founder, Product Manager

Mark has been running The Tarkowski Family Light Show for 13 years at his house in Antioch, IL.  He runs the 3d printing part of the business, manage all manufacture relationships, pick / pack / ship product from IL and helps with commercial installs.


James Hendricks, Sequencer

So I started my light journey with my grandson. He is non verbal autistic, and loves flashy lights. He would get super excited for Christmas and every year tried to get bigger. 4 years ago I decided to bring something extra, so I read every forum and watched every xlights video I could find. My first xlights Christmas was 4 snowflakes and arches. My second year I did Halloween and Christmas with about 5k lights. 3rd year I did 4th of July with a DMX fireworks show, Halloween, and Christmas with about 15k lights in each show. And this past year I've doubled all shows and have had everything from birthdays to marriage proposals at the house. I absolutely love everything xlights, building the display is my hobby, but sequences are my escape.